Although becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone, every nation needs them. They are bold enough to take risks and explore new territories. Great entrepreneurs contribute to society by finding innovative solutions to its challenges. Their ideas can change the way we live, work and/or play, and improve standards of living. Ultimately, they create jobs, grow economies and create wealth.

The ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program is designed for entrepreneurs who already have good ideas, products and services, and have established some form of business to deliver them. What they now need is to understand how to strategically and practically transform these ideas, products and services into distinctive, competitive and profitable brands. They want to leverage the power of branding to attract customers, build recognition, differentiate and enhance the credibility of their offerings in the marketplace, make it easy to access other markets and charge a premium, and create internal pride for their staff to be associated with the organisation.

As entrepreneurs, often, the first thing investors or customers buy into is the entrepreneur. As such many entrepreneurs also want to know how to strategically leverage and/or balance the relationship between their personal and business brands.

The ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program is designed to inspire and empower emerging and established entrepreneurs to sharpen their capabilities to build relevant and profitable world-class brands in Africa.

The ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program is designed and delivered in an intensive and convenient 6 weeks modular format by respected faculty and practitioners at the forefront of their fields with practical experience in building brands in Africa.

Module 1 Orientation and Introduction to the Principles of Entrepreneurship, Branding, Culture and Creativity.
Module 2 Discover – Understanding the African marketplace, consumers, the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities for your brand;
Module 3 Disrupt – Developing a competitive unique value proposition and identity to differentiate your brand;
Module 4 Deliver – Developing an integrated marketing and communication plan and structure for your brand in the digital age.
Module 5 Defend – Investing in building, growing and protecting your brand and intellectual property.

Discipline – Developing the resilience to stay focused on the vision and deliver a consistent brand over time.
Module 6 Alignment – Understanding how to strategically leverage and/or balance the relationship between your personal and business brands.

Results – Understanding how to measure the impact of your marketing efforts and return on investment (ROI).


In this program, you’ll learn (i) the core principles of brand building, (ii) how to understand your target market, define your unique selling proposition (USP) and a consistent and brand story, (iii) how to take your brand to the market; (iv) how to strategically align, leverage and balance your personal and business brands effectively; and (v) how to measure the return on your investment and build relationships with diverse fellow entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

The ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program is delivered synchronously through live, real-time online sessions by ABLA faculty and guest lectures by thought leaders and practitioners on entrepreneurship and branding, and supported asynchronously through videos, literature, relevant case studies and assessments – and forums where learners can interact with each other and faculty on the ABLA Learning Management System (LMS) e-learning platform.

The ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program is delivered over 6 weekly x 3 hour sessions and at least 8 hours per week independent study and engagements with faculty and other participants.

Upon conclusion, participants will receive an ABLA Certificate of Completion.

Applicants to the program should be practicing full-time or part-time entrepreneurs who already have a business and product or service in development or the marketplace. Visit to apply. Completed applications are accepted at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

The fees for the ABLA Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs program are R2,500 ($175) per module or (R15,000) ($975.00) in total. The fees cover access to the ABLA Learning Management System, tuition, access to the digital library and learning materials. Fees are payable at least 30 days in advance of the start date for the program. No cancellations are allowed within 14 days of the start of the program. The ABLA student number is the reference for all payments and correspondences.

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