Brand Leadership for the Public Sector: Designing and delivering effective citizen-centred branding and engagement solutions.

Government of Kenya


The Republic of Kenya 'Jamhuri ya Kenya' national government is composed on 47 counties, each with its own semi-autonomous governments. The national government is composed of three independent arms – the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The Government is run by the Ministries of Kenya, headed by Cabinet Secretaries who are all nominated by the President.


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the ministries of interior and health have an enhanced public role to communicate government policy and actions around the pandemic.

The programme was designed to inspire and empower senior communication staff within these ministries to enhance their capabilities to articulate and communicate policy, position related government programmes, engage with key public stakeholders, in particular media, and to leverage government marketing, media and communication resources deliver an integrated, impactful and effective public and political communication, branding and messaging that builds the government brand and leadership during and beyond the pandemic.

Programme Design

The programme is a customization for the Kenya government environment of the ABLA Brand Leadership for the Public Sector programme, which is designed to sharpen the capabilities of practitioners in the public sector and state owned entities to design and implement effective, aligned and integrated citizen-centred branding, communication and engagement solutions that communicate their response to citizen needs and delivery on their electoral promises.

The programme was delivered over intensive 5-days face-to-face contact classes by subject matter faculty selected from ABLA’s network of respected practitioners, thought leaders and academics across disciplines and experience in the private and public sector and supported asynchronously through readings, case studies, activities and forums where participants can interact with each other and faculty on the ABLA e-Learning Management System (LMS) e-learning platform and access the ABLA’s digital library.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Brand Leadership for the Public Sector: Building a Brand from Campaigning to Government and Beyond Understanding and using appropriate research to create effective stakeholder and citizen communication. Designing and Activating Government Communication I: An incumbent perspective Digital and Social Media Communication Strategy and Activation. Leadership Branding
Strategic insights on media in Kenya. Strategic Approach to Media Strategy and Delivery in the Public Sector Designing and Activating Government Communication II: An opposition perspective Media Training Group Activity: An integrated blueprint for GoK Government communication and branding
Service Delivery Excellence in the Public Sector

Assessments are an integral part of instruction to evaluate comprehension and application of the content. Group activities were designed to evaluate comprehension and application of the content. The programme closed with a group activity to design a practical integrated blueprint for implementation. The Participants had to attend all classes and contribute to the group activities to qualify for an ABLA Certificate of Completion.